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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Services Provided

I provide Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling for Adults in English as well as Japanese.

Issues for treatment include:

  • Cross Cultural issues- challenges for working or/and living outside of their countries or hometown,  difficulties of working or/and living with people who have different cultural background from yours, different values and customs, homesickness, language barrier.
  • Relationships and Family Dynamics- dating, marriage, separation, divorce, conflict, fighting, lack of intimacy or connection, difficulty of communication .
  • Depression, Anxiety- loss of interests, insomnia, difficulty of concentration, lack of energy, irritable, excessive worries.
  • Stress management/reduction- work-related stress, work and life balance.
  • Life transitions and challenges - leaving home/parents, marriage, child-rearing, middle-age, career change, menopause, empty-nest, death/illness of loved one.


In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a personalized approach tailored to each of my clients' individual needs and help attain the personal goals and growth they’re striving for.