Rates and Payment

Currently I don't meet clients in person, but only through Telehealth (video) session, until further notice.

Initial Consultation:

Once I receive your message expressing your interest in my practice, I contact you back on the phone and have a brief conversation with you to see if we are a good match.

            Phone consultation for 20minutes: Free.
            If you prefer to see me for the consultation,  we can set up a video meeting (50minutes): $50.

Starting Therapy

After the initial consultation, if we both agree to work together on your issues, then we set up the first therapy session.  Usually we have a 50 minute-therapy session once a week.

             Regular face-to-face therapy session through a video session (50 minutes) : $140

I may offer a session more frequently than once a week or an extended session longer than 50minutes, when my client requests or I think it is clinically necessary and appropriate.

             70 minute therapy session is $176 (10% off).

             90 minute therapy session is $214 (15% off).


I don't bill insurance.  However, if you have a health insurance and your plan is either PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or POS (Point of Service), then you can use your out-of-network benefit for my therapy cost.  I will give you a monthly reimbursement statement for our sessions, and you can submit it to your insurance company, and your health insurance company will reimbursed a portion of the fee to you.  Please check your insurance policy about your plan and percentage of the reimbursement.


I only accept major credit cards at this point.  Full payment is expected by the end of each session. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be billed for the full fee for the session.  



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